We manufacture signage primarily for sign and display companies, and organisations who provide signage packages to end-users, such as designers, architects, builders, and signage specifiers. Our products are supplied for use in all sectors, including commercial, government, education, architectural, industrial, hospitality and retail.

pylon signs

We have extensive experience manufacturing pylons of all shapes and sizes, from small ‘blade’ or ‘totem’ style signs, to multiple large structures for shopping centres or commercial estates.
We can manufacture to your specs or work with you to formulate suitable designs, from a basic single-pole light box, to a quantity order of fully clad, curved or odd-shaped illuminated structures.
Other structures include banner poles and street poles.
Footing cages, holding-down bolts and templates can also be supplied.

3 dimensional letters

We manufacture fabricated 3D letters in acrylic and aluminium, with options for solid or illuminated sides or halo lighting.
One of our specialist areas is manufacturing 3 dimensional illuminated letters from aluminium. We make them with illuminated acrylic faces, or fully aluminium, for greater strength and durability where side-lighting is not required.

LED screens

With the increasing popularity and advancement in LED screen technology, more and more projects involve LED screens, and we have gained experience in manufacturing & assembling signage around the inclusion of LED screens, in consultation with the suppliers of the screens. We understand how they fit, wiring, and ventilation requirements.
If you haven’t worked with LED screens before, we can also help you source the right screen for your job.

fascia & facade signs

From a flat ACM panel, to illuminated folded & shaped signage with internal framework, we can manufacture to your requirements. All forms of illumination and 3-dimensional letters can be incorporated.

solar powered signs

Solar power has opened more opportunities for the sign market. Although solar has power limitations, it can be a great for smaller signs and projects where trenching mains power is unviable or cost-prohibitive.
Seeing the value in solar, we have already undertaken projects with solar power over recent years. One series of signs has been in place for 8 years now, and they’re still performing without any major repairs.

internal signage

Any of our processes can be applied to signage for indoor areas, including creative projects for reception areas, convention centres / halls, hospitality & commercial fitouts.

general metal fabrication

Previous custom projects include gates, power & lighting poles and more.
We have the capabilities to provide small to medium structural steelwork, and any general welding & fabrication projects.

illuminated signs

We manufacture all types of Illuminated sign cases from aluminium , acrylic and steel. Single sided and double sided including supporting brackets and structures as required.

spray painting

We offer In-house spray painting services of all industrial coatings including 2 pack automotive systems. Our new booth can accommodate large pylons and structures.


Whether you need a small steel frame, or a large pylon structure, you will find our rates are competitive across all projects.
Give us a call, or an email, for a quote on your next project…