Our staff and tradespeople are highly experienced and understand your industry. They speak the language, and have an eye for detail.

We employ specialist tradespeople, including a boilermaker, sheet metal workers, spray painter, & signwriters, who all have many years of experience within the sign industry. Most of our staff have been involved specifically with the manufacture of signage for many years.


Our new purpose-built factory at Royal Park enables us to produce a wider scope of projects, larger custom-made sign structures, and to fulfil quantity orders more efficiently.
In-house capabilities include-

  • Welding of steel & aluminium, fabrication of large signs and structures
  • 3 dimensional letter fabrication in acrylic or aluminium
  • Acrylic cutting & fabrication
  • Cutting, folding & processing of ACM (Aluminium Composite Materials)
  • Cutting, rolling, & folding sheet materials
  • Wiring of light boxes, illuminated sign backings & 3 dimensional letters
  • Spray painting

quality leds

Longevity is a factor of sign manufacture we take seriously. All our light boxes, 3 dimensional letters, and illuminated signs feature high quality LEDs and power supplies, offering what we believe is the best quality and longevity available on the market, with a 5 year back-to-base warranty. Many of our projects are still going strong in the field after years of daily illumination.
If your project has particular components specified, we will work with them.


We pay particular attention to design and finishing processes, ensuring our products are as ready as they can be for installation when they leave our workshop. We make it as easy as possible for your installer, by pre-drilling or pre-fitting wherever applicable, to reduce time and headaches on site. When we design components, we give consideration to how the final job will come together.


An increasing number of national clients are commissioning us to manufacture signage because we’re a competitive alternative to manufacturing elsewhere and having to transport it to Adelaide for installation. For Eastern states suppliers, we can build for your Western Australian sites as well.

We are members of ASGA – Australian Sign and Graphics Association.

Refer to our gallery for examples of our work and our facilities.

Whether you need a small steel frame, or a large pylon structure, you will find our rates are competitive across all projects.
Give us a call, or an email, for a quote on your next project…